WALKING ON THE SKY, 2009 / self-published

Book, Research and proposal for a public place
Keywords: QF-Theory of Newton, 1666 / Open system, Social science / Skylight, Window /
Union station, Public place, System design, Urban planning, Arnhem

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This project reflects a system design of a public place, specifically, ‘Union Station
in Chicago’. After researching the space, my intentions were to relieve some of the
complexities and indifferences among people within the station.

My strategies included analysis of the theory of Open System in social science,
QF-Theory of Newton in physics, and the principle of the Skylight. With these various
explorations I proposed an installation that consists of a set of ‘screens’ embedded
onto the floor, which will act as two prism spaces. On one screen (prism) will have a live
sky view of Chicago (specifically, of the sky above the station) and the other screen will
have a live image of various skies around the world. My hope is to have people interact
with the installation by moving through the two screens like white light similar to the

In the end, I wanted to create an experience where people walk into ‘Union Station
in Chicago’ and realize they are under one sky, but when exiting the station having
a different type of realization when approached by a different sky (another place
of the world). Therefore, hoping that manipulating the space just a little will help to
shift and unify people’s expectations.