Exhibition leaflet proposal
(for the performance and exhibition of several artists
Curated by Claudia Hart, Mark Jeffery and Judd Morrissey)

23 x 8.25 in. (unfolded), accordion folded, 8 pp
Keywords: Simulation, Hybrid, Physical, Digital, Traditional and Monospaced typface,
Horizontal, Vertical, Two-ways of Reading, Two Covers, ITC Garamond, Avantgarde Mono

According to the preface, The Simulationists: mixed reality performance is an
interdisciplinary exhibition and event series. In the Simulationists, artificial
realities and real bodies, and in turn, artificial bodies and real environments
interpenetrate and transform one another.

To present the above concept, the same contents are transformed into two different
ways. The red text was typeset with traditional typeface in the horizontal way,
as in normal books. It represents real bodies like live performance artists.
In contrast, the blue text follows in the vertical way with monospaced typeface,
as on a computer screen for system mode. It represents virtual environments.

As a result, the two sections simulate one another with the same contents,
but in different forms.