STUART MCKEE, Visiting designer lecture, 2010 / self-published

23.3 x 33.1 in., A1
Keywords: Hyperreality, Identity, Google, Essay: Making visible the invisible,
Stuart Mckee, Lowercase, Green window, Gill Sans

I applied the concept of the essay “Making visible the invisible (Eye, No.57)”
In the network era, the large amount of information on screen has become more primary
than a real appearance, as in the case of stealth aircraft. In many aspects, this fluidity
of realistic virtual information has brought about confusion and misunderstanding.
In this world, we are surrounded with realistic virtual information, and it breaks down
the boundary between true and false so that it gradually becomes impossible to identify
what is real and what is not. Thus, oversupplied information via networks creates
‘hypothetical truth’ as well as ‘modern myth’.

For the final project, I searched for information about Stuart Mckee, and whether
it creates hypothetical truth or not. As I said above, the research might better represent
him than his real appearance. Conceptually, the images for Stuart Mckee become the
cells that comprises himself, and the Google search engine becomes a kind of microscope.

In addition, I remembered the many virtual images, the greenish color on his website
and his representative essays from when I googled him. This is the first meeting with him.
I intend to show this first impression to the audiences.