A Series of SALE posters, 2011 / self-published

Poster / Installation
24 x 36 in.
Keywords: Diagram, Reduction, Minus, Minimalism, Augmentation of the
meaning, Reversed Position, Information, Meta-Information, Better Life,
Desire, Less Money, Consumerism, Dualism, Helvetica

This is the redesigned clearance sale posters, which exaggerates the meaning of the
visual information. Conceptually, the information in these posters symbolize reduction,
low-cost, and minimization. The posters are in a simple diagram with the minus symbols,
while maintaining the core information.

This is part of the larger project exploring and developing urban communication,
infiltrating the urban landscape with metaphoric forms, and the very common
languages of diverse urban communities.

The larger project (Title: More or Less the Same) is mainly a study about the structure
of information and meta-information in the physical world. Conceptually, meta-information
often serves as a precursor or as a synopsis of the data and information contained
in a larger body of details. This concept is also very frequently applied from our daily
lives (in the physical place). For example, the simple typographic posters, ‘SALE’,
on the window (compared with a digital screen) from the street can be normal
information for the meta-information (details of prices and of items in the stores).
This work transforms the position between the two as a simulated retail store
in the exhibition hall.