CLOSED STUDIO, 2010 / self-published

Exhibition + Poster
23.3 x 33.1 in., A1
This work was conceived and written by Jin Kim
as an ongoing investigation of Physical interface.

This was held on the same night as the MFA Open Studio for the School. To contrast
the annual event, I refused to open my personal studio but instead presented my work
in a storage space. Which posed as a place that was not usually admitted to students.

The starting point for the project was to study interaction between individuals and physical interface, or between individuals. The storage space is a linear form unlike ordinary storage.
And it looks long and very narrow. More interestingly, it has two entrances, as if Start and
End, or Left and Right. But there is no enough space to step aside. It creates a very closed
relationship between individuals or the space and individual, thus embodying almost an
immersive experience. Audiences then come to create their own interactive experience with
the narrow space and others. As a result, the goal is to explore about the tension between
control and lack of control from this normally closed space.