Jin Kim is a graphic designer currently living and working in New York City.
He possesses hands-on experience in designing many different types of projects:
books, identity systems, posters, user interfaces, typefaces and various other formats
for visual communication... even environmental system designs close to urban planning.
He has a systemized knowledge in both the two-dimensional graphic design and
the three-dimensional design programs and public art that result in site transformations,
experiential urban communications.

He is now available for most types of freelance-based assignments and collaborations.

Contact: jinnkimm@gmail.com
Complete CV available upon request

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Unless otherwise noted, all the images and texts in this
website are by Jin Kim. In the credits of each project,
I included other participants – such as editors or authors –
only when there inclusion is important to explain the design.

Last updated on 20 September 2012